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Our story

Real Feel was created in 2010 by producer and musician Nick Palmer II, to give artists a place that they could be themselves and create great music, with the quality of – but not the pressure of – a big name commercial studio.

Over the last 12 years it has evolved into a creative haven for artists, engineers, and producers, an incubator of sorts for budding music businesses.

As Real Feel has grown, so have our aspirations to provide a spot that inspires creativity and collaboration, with professionalism, quality, and the attentiveness only a small business can provide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an inspiring environment for artists, engineers, and producers to create their best work without judgment.  

Our Studios

The vibes are unbeatable.  

Studio A

Constructed in 1987 by reputable music producer and composer Veit Renn; our Studio A is a powerhouse facility optimized for quality. 

From our microphones, to our signal chain, to the shape of the room itself – Studio A is created for clarity. 

Legend has it that names such as 50 Cent, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and even Kanye West have recorded within these walls. 

Come experience the Real Feel of Studio A for yourself.  

UA Townsend Sphere Mic
UA Apollo 16 Interface
Dangerous Music D-BOX
API 3124+ Preamps
Vintech 473 Preamps
Genelec 1032A s
Amphion Two18s

Pro Tools Studio 
Logic Pro X
Auto-Tune Pro 
Slate Digital Plugins
Arturia FX Collection 2
Isotope Ozone 9 

Studio B

A later addition to the Real Feel Recording Facility – Studio B is a special kind of beast.  

Constructed in 2015 by Owner & Founder Nick Palmer II,  Studio B has everything you need to produce and record your hottest tracks. 

Feel the 808s in your chest and hear your vocals like never before – this studio was designed for comfort and creativity.  


Audio Technica 4033CL
Shure SM7B
UA Apollo Twin Duo
KRK 10-3 Monitors 
Mac Mini

Pro Tools Studio 
Logic Pro X
Slate Digital Plugins
Arturia FX Collection 2
Isotope Ozone 9 

Our Team

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”
– Steve Jobs

Nick Palmer II


A 36-year-old musician and producer, Nick grew up around music, watching his father conduct the symphony. At age 15 he began interning at a recording studio where he gained his love for music production. In 2008 while attending college, he released his first album, Instrumental Instrumentals, a smooth collection of jazz meets hip-hop beats. Shortly after he started a live hip-hop band called Essence d’Âme that played all over Orlando including Hard Rock Live and House of Blues. In 2011 opened Real Feel Recording Studios where he’s produced music and played on tracks for artists like Coco Peila, Gina Falcone, and Niko Is. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Nick’s music has roots in funk, jazz, soul and blues, with infectious grooves that mesh perfectly over hip-hop drums and synth basslines – and other than the drum beats, there are no samples here – it’s all live. What Nick doesn’t play himself, he enlists his talented friends and takes advantage of the studio at his disposal. 

Stephanie Rendell

HEAD Engineer

Quickly becoming one of Orlando’s most sought after audio engineers, Stephanie Rendell is the epitome of “Sit Down.  Be Humble.”  Beginning as an intern in 2013, Stephanie’s unquenchable thirst for improving her craft has kept her moving up the ranks in the music industry. 
Her obsession with vocal tones and mixing has assisted us in crafting a high-quality Real Feel Standard that always stands out in a playlist.  Thanks to Stephanie, we have been able to incubate and mentor aspiring engineers through our internship program – expanding our roster in a big way.  As the mastermind behind the sonic quality of several popular Orlando Artists, she’s slowly helping shape the soundscape of her hometown – but you would never hear her say that.  Part of what makes her such a great engineer is her understanding that this craft is always evolving.  She loves that she can always be a student and that there’s always room to improve.  One day she aspires to work with household name artists that her family would recognize. or maybe even being part of helping locals reach that level.         

Jalissa Seales


Hailing from Springfield, Ohio, Jalissa -AKA Protaj – came out to Orlando in 2014 to study audio engineering.  Before that, Jalissa noticed that the local artists in her hometown did not have anywhere to record.  She quickly realized how important music could be for them and how badly they needed a space to create; a space where they could be themselves.  Jalissa took it upon herself to create that space.  Her desire to fill that void has been at the core of all of her sessions ever since.  With the ability to coach, encourage, and bring out the best in artists, Jalissa’s clients always seem to improve song after song.  In her eyes, the engineer’s job is to believe in the artist more than the artist may even believe in themselves.   It’s this level of attention and care that makes her a perfect fit to our Real Feel Family.

Dakari Davis


 When it comes to vocal production, this West Orlando native is a force to be reckoned with.  Bridging the gap between East and West divisions, Dakari sees no borders musically and only sees the city’s potential.  The same entrepreneurial spirit that has led him to create the local brand SOUWA HOUSE, is the energy that helps him relate to independent artists and handle every session with professionalism and respect.  With his forte in Hip-Hop and R&B, Dakari has the ability to hear the final product as it’s being created.  Searching for innovative beat drops and exciting changes that elevate the experience during recording tends to capture an enthusiasm that improves every aspect of the song.  Dakari is motivated by creating what he calls “The Perfect Song”.  To him, this means that his only competition is his last recording or mix.  

Omar Muñoz


Originally from Mexico, Omar is the newest engineer to join our ranks.
His passions for guitar, mixing, and sound design bring a well rounded experience to every session.  
Since the age of 3, Omar has been evolving into the multi-instrumentalist and audio professional that he is today.  To him, this is not work; it’s a lifestyle and the fact that the music industry is always changing keeps him on his toes and has encouraged him to develop the work ethic we see today.  With his well organized workflow and strong understanding of music theory, Omar is a valuable asset to have involved in any song process.

Let's Be Real About This

The only way to know for sure is to pick a song and come record it.  We’ll take care of the rest.  

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